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8 Characteristics Every Leader Should Have

Can you skip along your office corridor without inhibition? Do you think in questions, not in statements? Have you earned the right to a legacy?

If so, you’re well on your way to leadership success.

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Granted, these are not the conventional parameters of successful leadership. We’re more used to our leaders described in terms like visionary, committed, accountable, inspiring.
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6 Signs that your Pet is the Boss

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It’s 5 am and you’re awake. Cranky bad-tempered awake. The kind of awake that has been forced on you because your pet decides it wants to eat, exercise or go to the toilet.

How do you react to this unwanted early morning awakening?

Do you:
(a)    leap out of bed and do exactly as your pet asks?
(b)    force your partner to leap out of bed …and do exactly as your pet asks?
(c)    bury your head under a pillow and refuse to budge a muscle?
(d)    lock your pet in the laundry overnight so it has no chance of waking you in the first place?

Your reaction gives some insight into who is top dog in your house: you or your pet?
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How to achieve a bucket list with kids in tow

Run a marathon; drink cocktails on a beach in the Seychelles; write a successful novel…

These are the kind of wishes that fill my bucket list. Millions of people all over the country have lists of wishes for their life, yet I wonder how many of us actually achieve them?

Maybe you procrastinate; get bogged down by the daily grind; lack the resources? Or maybe you are like me and can’t conceive a way to achieve your bucket list with three kids in tow?
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