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Here are a few samples to show you how I can help your business communicate its message. Behind each job is a happy client, so be sure to check out my client testimonials.

Web content – SEO and copywriting

web content copywriting EML

content writing Hospitality Employers Mutual    content copywriting Club Employers Mutual

content copywriting Astemi Property    content writing for NS Cabling

content copywriting Add Style website    copywriting sample of Absolutely corporate

web content writing Stop Snoring   content copywriting 4 Stitches

web copywriting sample   website copywriting

website copywriting sample


 Blogging for clients – copywriting or editing

Blog for Yellow Brick Road    Blog for Equifax PPSR renewals

blogger copywriter 1        blogger copywriter 2         blogger copywriter 3

 Newsletter and magazines – content planning and copywriting

PowerPort enews march april 2017      digital newsletter copywriter fitness in finance

copywriting digital newsletter life in 2020           copywriting digital newsletter moving house

View copywriting enewsletter sample

digital newsletter powerport may june 2014         Digital newsletter copywriting 1

Digital newsletter copywriting 2


copywriter magazine supplement 1                      copywriter magazine supplement FF2                 

View copywriting sample            sample 2                                sample 3


Feature writing in magazines, newsletters and trade publications

copywriter article 1       copywriter article 2      copywriter article 3

View writing sample                   sample 2                                  sample 3

copywriter article 4              copywriter article 5              copywriter article 6


Editing – copy and structural

editing 1         editing 2     editing 3     editing 4    editing magazine for both copy and structure        editing 5   editing 6


Advertorial copywriting

copywriter advertorial 1                  copywriter advertorial 2        copywriter advertorial 3

View advertorial sample       sample 2                                             sample 3 


Brochures and whitepapers

copywriting brochure warringah council                 writing 2           writing 3

 View brochure sample        sample 2                         sample 3

writing 4        writing 5     brochure copywriting sample

sample 4                           sample 5                   sample 6


proofreading issue 5 Nosh magazine         proofreading 2        proofreading 3       proofreading 4       proofreading 5


Real estate copywriting

real estate copywriting i1real estate copywriting i2real estate copywriting opt ireson picture perfect_opt

view sample                        sample 2                          sample 3

real estate opt copywriting brochure north sydney 1real estate copywriting -opt- brochure north sydney 3_optreal estate copywriting -opt-brochure north sydney 4

view sample                      sample 2                            sample 3

real estate copywriting-op- brochure north sydney 5real estate commercial copywriting alexander st crows nestnorth sydney_opt

view sample               sample 2                              sample 3

real estate copywriting residential brochure miller st north sydney   real estate copy writing residential brochure bardwell rd mosman


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